Healthy and Amazing Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

There is one best solution for all the tiredness, mood swings, gas troubles constipation and other pregnancy related symptoms to diminish a little. Yes! You can reduce these symptoms by exercising 30 minutes a day during pregnancy. According to the doctors and many health organization there are a lot of benefits of exercise everyday during pregnancy (if not at least 3-4 days of moderate intensity).  Women with normal pregnancies are recommended to exercise unto 30 minutes a day. Avoid any exercise that your doctor has asked you not to do or high impact sports etc.

It does not matter if you were a couch potato before and want to start exercising now. Take it slow. Start with 5 minutes a day. Walk whenever you can. Take laps around the house or office if you do not have any time left to reserve for exercise. If you were working out normally before, It should be okay for you to continue working out but you may have to take a few measure and avoid exercises which make you uncomfortable. Remember it only benefits to exercise during pregnancy if you are comfortable while doing it.

What are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?

There are a lot of benefits of exercise during pregnancy. You must know these reasons for exercising so you can push yourself to exercise on the days when lethargy and laziness have more control over your pregnant body and mind. Trust me it happens a lot! When you just do not want to move your leg of the couch, let alone exercise. But exercise is not only good for you, but you baby too. Yes you are exercising for two!!

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Improves Sleep Quality

Most women find it difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy or stay asleep. Leg cramps, back pain and all those pee breaks you have to take, by the time you fall asleep you have to pee again. The vicious cycle goes on and on throughout the pregnancy. However, there are studies that show women who regularly exercise during pregnancy fall asleep easily and sleep better. I did. Regular exercise has helped me throughout the pregnancy. I would sleep better on the days that I had moderate intense workout session.

Boosts Your Stamina

Exercising is very good for human body. Moreover there are better benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Exercising improves your metabolism and overall health of your body which is carrying a tiny human now. Feel lethargic on mot of the days ? Yes it is natural to feel tired, exhausted and lethargic all the time during pregnancy. But it is possible to feel a little energetic daily once you start exercising. Start slowly and then be regular in working out. Before you know you will be looking forward to your sessions. Your stamina will increase. Soon all or most of those pregnancy symptoms might start to subside.

Improves your health

Being healthy is crucial in pregnancy. But how to maintain your health with all those cravings and the need to eat every few hours? Exercising daily for 30 minutes during pregnancy is the best and simplest option to maintain health during pregnancy. Exercising teamed with a healthy weight gain and balanced diet will help you avoid problems like gestational diabetes which is seen in pregnant women. There are studies which show that you are less prone to Gestational Diabetes if you are a regular exercising person. Some doctors even recommend it.

Enhances your mood

Having a lot of mood swings lately? Yes, with all the hormonal roller coaster ride you are bound to be moody at all times. Know the best benefit of exercise during pregnancy? It improves your mood. When you exercise your body releases endorphins (called feel-good hormones). Firstly these feel good hormones boost your energy levels, boost your mood and enhance your metabolism. Secondly, it reduces stress and anxiety. Great right? 

Reduces your back pain

As you progress into second trimester you might start having back pains. This is because you body goes through a lot of changes to make your tiny human. Your body weight increases, your body balance shifts. Your normal lifestyle can feel tiresome for you during pregnancy. The best chance to fight against back pain is having strong abdominal muscles. You can practice abdominal exercises by talking to your doctor about which exercises are good for you. Generally exercises which do not target the stomach muscles directly should be enough to help you reduce the back pain and leg pain if any.

Your tense muscles

Tense muscles is a common problem during pregnancy. More common if you have to sit in place for hours. Have to sit and work for the whole day? No time for exercise? Best way you can work around this is stretch. Stretch your muscles every hour. Stretching helps relax the tensed muscles or leg cramps. Every hour remind yourself to stretch your body sitting on your chair. You need not get up from your place for this. But it is a good idea to walk around every few hours. Sitting in one place without moving much can cause blood to pool in your leg veins and cramp up.

Regular Bowel Movements

You will have better bowel movements if you exercise regularly during pregnancy. During pregnancy having normal bowel movements sounds really exciting right? You are either constipated, bloated or passing gas all the time. 

Helps Your Labour

There is no study that ensures exercising during pregnancy will help you have a natural and easy labour. But mothers who exercise regularly seem to have shorter labour and are less prone to need interventions like C-Section etc.  

Speeds Up Your Postpartum Recovery

The best benefit of exercise during pregnancy. Yes. I believe this is the best reason for you to exercise during pregnancy. Your postpartum recovery speeds up if you are a regular exercising mom before delivery. The more fit you are before your delivery, the faster the recovery process is. All of us want to heal soon and fit back to our old jeans again!! It is not only about fitting, but if your body recovers soon, helping you cope through other things in motherhood that need your attention. If your postpartum recovery speeds up you get time to focus on yourself and your little one too. 

Now let’s see what is in it for your baby. Yes you read it right your baby is going to benefit from your exercising too. What more motivation do you need??

What Are The Benefits of Exercise During The Pregnancy For Your Little One?

Your baby might be more healthy

There are research which shows the babies of healthy and fit moms tend to be healthy. They have healthy weight. They are less stressed by the labor. When you exercise not only your heart rate but the baby’s heart rate increases too. So if you are doing cardio, baby is enjoying cardio too!! Yes this increase in heart rate when mom exercises can help the baby have healthy heart later in life. 

Smart Baby

Your exercise during pregnancy help boost baby’s brain development. Exercising improves your blood circulation in turn improving the blood circulation to the womb. When you exercise you tend to be happy, your mood is also pleasant, you sleep better and feel better. When the mom happy, the baby is happy! Baby’s feel everything mom is feeling. Brain development is happening right from when the baby is in the mother’s womb. Moreover there are studies which show that babies with exercising moms have a higher IQ.

Easy Baby 

Moms who regularly exercise during pregnancy tend to have easy babies. By easy what I mean is the babies are less liable to colic, they sleep better through the night, they soothe themselves easily. Easy babies equal to well rested and happy moms!!

Best Tips So You Can Reap The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy:

  • Take a lot of fluids before, during and after exercise routine. Avoid dehydration at all costs.
  • Keep snacks handy to eat as soon as you hungry to avoid onsetting any nauseousness or sickness.
  • Dress up in loose and breathable clothes. 
  • Use the right shoe which fits you properly and is meant for the exercise you are doing.
  • Select the right surface for exercise.
  • Stay away from slopes.
  • Do not exercise lying down on your back for too long. Do not do any abrupt moves like getting up without letting yourself cool down for a while. This can cause dizziness and fatigue.

Know the “Best Care Tips for Exercising During Pregnancy”

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