Ultimate Tips To Deal With Fatigue During Pregnancy Which Made My Life Easy

Feeling tired all the time in your first trimester during pregnancy? Don’t feel like getting up and out of the bed at all? Pregnancy fatigue has taken over your energy reserves. If you feel like you are forever waiting for the night to go and sleep, it’s not surprising!! You are pregnant. Your body’s working overtime in creating a safe and healthy environment for your baby. Exhaustion during pregnancy or early pregnancy fatigue is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. You might not feel the outcome of pregnancy in the first trimester, but there are a lot of things going on inside. First-trimester fatigue can also happen because your body is working around the clock. Yes! Even when you are resting your body is working really hard on the inside. 

Ultimate Tips To Deal With Pregnancy Fatigue - Fatigue During Pregnancy

So what’s actually going on inside when we say too many things going on inside that contribute to Pregnancy fatigue. In the first trimester, one crucial task your body works on is the creation and development of the placenta. The placenta is your baby’s life support system. Moreover, your body’s hormone levels will be changing drastically, your heart is working more because you are making more blood and it has to pump more blood. Your body is using more water and nutrients and metabolism is high to burn more energy. It isn’t a surprise that a pregnant woman may feel tiredness in pregnancy in the first trimester.  

Ultimate Tips to Deal with Pregnancy Fatigue

Eat healthy – Amazing and healthiest way of handling exhaustion during pregnancy

Eating healthy is one of the foremost ways to deal with fatigue during pregnancy. Now, what does eating healthy mean? Avoiding processed foods, foods high on sugar, foods that can cause indigestion, or any other ailments. Healthy foods act as fuel to your body which is providing nutrition to your baby. If you do not keep up by eating healthy food, your body has to use the reserved amount of nutrients to provide for your baby. Consequently, your body will be left with little nutrients for itself. 

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Sleep on time to reduce fatigue during pregnancy

Sleeping early can prove to be highly beneficial (especially during pregnancy). Sleeping early means your body gets to work peacefully on healing you and can focus on growing a healthy baby. If you were never in the habit of sleeping early and want to do so during pregnancy, it is a great idea to start by sleeping half an hour early and then an hour early after a few weeks. Slowly your body might get used to sleeping early and you might start getting up much fresher and in a happy mood.

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Pamper yourself

If you are a first time mom, let me tell you that this is going to be the last chance you can pamper yourself without feeling guilty about it! Yes, once your child is born, you are never really going to find any time to pamper yourself. Yes! You might even make time for it, but there is never going to be a time when your child won’t occupy your mind (even when you are pampering yourself or taking a break). 

Exhaustion during pregnancy isn’t easy on you! Try to make your life easier for yourself. If you feel tired of cooking, you can try healthy take-outs or hire a cook if you can. Another option if you stay near your relatives or friends, you can ask them to drop a meal for you if you are too tired to even get up. Friends are always ready to help! Especially moms who have already been there. Dishes can wait, laundry can be done by someone else. All you need to focus on keeping yourself healthy in body and mind and not exerting yourself too much. 

If you have other children, see if they can help you around the house or you can keep them busy when you get your rest. Try to be an easy-going mom instead of trying to get everything perfect. Your children will understand that mama is tired because she is growing a tiny human in there. Try not to take activities that are not really important. 

Amazing Ways To Handle Early Pregnancy Fatigue

Let others take care of you – Grateful way to fight pregnancy fatigue

This is the time when you deserve to pamper yourself and get yourself pampered by everyone around you. You are already doing most of the stuff when you are carrying this baby. People around the house can take the load of remaining tasks from your shoulder. Involving the father in the pregnancy can make him feel included and help him understand his responsibilities early on. Give your partner a share of the workload that takes a toll on you. Do whatever and how much ever you can do! Accept help from people who want to help you. Next time somebody wants to cook for you, just say YES! Get groceries online if you can. You need to welcome anything that can save an effort and ward off exhaustion during pregnancy.

Moreover, you can focus on saving enough energy to actually get a workout session or a small yoga session done before you can call it a day and go and rest. 

Don’t take anything seriously to avoid first-trimester fatigue

Try to be happy and not stress over anything during pregnancy. This is especially important if you are a working mom. When you work you tend to have stress related to work and then you come home and it is stressful there too. Remember your child needs a happy mom! Try to squeeze in a hobby time or nap time if that’s what you need to relax. But try this way of finding something fun or light when you find stress taking over. 

During my pregnancy, I would love to take a long walk every day in the morning while listening to music and it was the best time for me because I used to want to be alone during that time.  I used to switch my phone onto airplane mode to avoid any calls. That one hour would help me go through my day without any stress. So moms find what helps you keep it light and happy. Try to do it every day for yourself and your baby. 

Take a walk outdoors at least once in the day to keep the exhaustion during pregnancy away

Staying indoors throughout the day can make you irritated and exhausted after a few weeks. Pregnancy is no different. Taking a walk outdoors helps you get fresh air and a change of scenery for your mind. It’s the stimulation necessary for your mind to refresh itself. 

Exercise regularly (if possible and if allowed)

Exercising regularly during pregnancy helps keep the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, constipation, etc. It is seen that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy feel less stressed and have more stamina to go about day to day life. They experience less fatigue during pregnancy. You need to ask your doctor before you start exercising during pregnancy. Check with the do’s and don’t of exercise during pregnancy and then start.

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Eat more often to avoid exhaustion during pregnancy

Eating healthy is crucial in pregnancy as you saw in the above point. More importantly, during pregnancy your body is working overtime, burning energy always. Hence, you can keep the energy by eating small meals frequently. Eating often helps keep the energy up most of the time and keep the blood sugars balanced. This is also an amazing way to keep Pregnancy nausea at bay. 

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Daily meditation and positive affirmations

Meditation is the most amazing self-help technique I have come across until now. The calming and soothing effects of meditation help get through everything. During pregnancy, a mother has so many questions, anxieties about herself and her baby. Meditation during pregnancy works wonders for both the mom and the baby. It relieves stress and reduces fatigue during pregnancy.

Listening to positive affirmations every day might bring a lot of positive changes in your life. It can change the way we think. Find affirmations that suit your situation. For example, if you are anxious about labour and delivery, search for birth affirmations. There are amazing options available on the internet. Repeating these affirmations every day (preferably many times a day) can reduce exhaustion during pregnancy noticeably. 

Friends help reduce fatigue during pregnancy

Talking to your friends or closed ones on a regular basis helps reduce your stress level amazingly. It is a very pleasant way of driving away from first-trimester fatigue. Try to meet your friends in person. If this is not possible keep talking to them over video calls. Share your experiences with your loved ones. 

Listen to Your Favourite Music 

Music has a soothing and de-stressing effect. People have used music as a technique to calm oneself for a long time. When you are pregnant and listen to any kind of soothing music, the baby relaxes too. Listening to a certain kind of music is beneficial for the child’s overall development. This is the simplest tool to reduce exhaustion during pregnancy. Just put on some music and lie down. 

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Stress less to avoid First Trimester Fatigue

There is no point in stressing over anything when you are pregnant. Seriously, it’s not worth it. Stress has negative effects on your body and when you are pregnant it adds to pregnancy fatigue. If you are a working mom or a mom with older children, try to avoid triggers that lead to stress. Leave the situation for a few moments if you need that for yourself. Ask help with such situations. No one is really going to judge you or misunderstand if you need a few minutes to yourself. This applies especially to your first trimester as it is new to you from body and mind. Consequently, it becomes a little stressful to handle situations like nausea, fatigue, etc. So take this time during First Trimester Fatigue to enjoy these beautiful (maybe a little exhausting to troublesome) pregnancy moments. 

Hot water bath to kick away Pregnancy Fatigue

Hot water bath relaxes all the sore and cramped muscles. During pregnancy your body is really working hard at making and nurturing that baby. Even when you are resting your body is still running on the inside. No wonder, Pregnant moms feel so tired most of the time. First trimester fatigue is so common when your body is just getting used to being pregnant. Giving yourself hot water soak with epsom salt and essential oils from time to time is a great relaxing way to reduce fatigue during pregnancy. 

Gardening – An Earthly Way Of Handling Fatigue During Pregnancy

Gardening is one of the best ways to de-stress yourself. I can personally guarantee you that happiness you feel when the seeds you have planted grow into beautiful plants it’s amazing. During my pregnancy, I had planted a few flowering plant seeds and nurtured it as I nurture myself. When I saw the plant grow and then I watched beautiful and healthy flowers bloom in it, it gave me immense pleasure. 

Whenever you feel stressed, go near your plants, tend to them. It gives satisfaction and reduces your first-trimester fatigue. Staying near the plants gives your body more oxygen to breathe and fresh air too. 

Top Remedies for Exhaustion during pregnancy

Let The Idea of Being a Perfect Mom Go

If you have older children then being a pregnant mom becomes a little bit more difficult because you have to handle the older children too. At such times it is okay if you choose to loosen your idea of being a perfect mom. All your children need is a happy mom, not a perfect one. Sometimes you can relax a little because as all the moms know parenting is tough. Give yourself days where you give preference to your health and relaxation to help fight the first-trimester fatigue.  

Maintain the right temperature to exhaustion during pregnancy

The temperature in the room where you spend the most time needs to be right, not too hot, not too cold. The right temperature around you helps you keep your body warm enough or cool. In my pregnancy, I used to feel extremely hot all of a sudden, and sometimes I used to feel chilly.  I used to be grateful for the amazing evening breezes I used to enjoy on my balcony. 

Stay hydrated is a tasty way of reducing fatigue during pregnancy

Staying hydrated is almost a tip you will read in every kind of self-care post. Staying hydrated is crucial for your body. More importantly, during pregnancy dehydration can cause dizziness, pregnancy fatigue. It is important that you drink water or other fluids at times to keep yourself hydrated.

You can take a little solace that this pregnancy fatigue or first-trimester fatigue might reduce by the fourth month because by then the placenta will be developed completely. Your body is also used to the hormonal changes and extra work that is being done. You might start feeling a little energetic in the second trimester. Consequently, if you feel fatigued during pregnancy it’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to stop and take some rest or take it slow. So moms please listen to your body and relax and enjoy this pregnancy! 🙂

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