Top 10 Must-Haves For All New Moms

If you are anything like me, you might always like to be well prepared for everything well beforehand. The first week after delivery has many ups and downs for new moms. Moreover that is the time for you new moms to rest well and get to know your baby. Hence your sole motive during the initial weeks following the delivery should be taking care of yourself and your baby. To smoothen this process gear yourself up before your labour journey, so when you come home with your little one, it will be relaxing for both of you.

Top 10 Must haves for new moms
All of us face challenges when it comes to picking up things for postpartum period because we really do not know what we might need. I can provide you an insight on what might be required based on discussions with a few other moms. Below list will give you a head start in the your preparation, so start shopping and tick away your items!!
Top 10 must haves for new moms

Top 10 must haves for New Moms :

  • Hand Sanitizers

Doctors generally suggest that for the beginning few days avoid too many visitors for the baby and you. But it rarely ever happens that way. In many cultures especially, I suppose in India we have a lot of visitors to see and bless the baby. This can expose you to germs and bacterias which can lead to infections. So to avoid this, keep a good hand sanitizer and insist visitors on cleaning their hands before touching the baby.

  • Wet Wipes and tissues

We generally have cloth napkins around to clean up the babies. Again using all of that will lead to a load of laundry to be done. This might increase workload of a few new moms who do not have help. Consequently, i prefer having unscented wet wipes and tissues for cases of spit ups and throw ups and burping. For emergencies these wipes/tissues are handy. Unscented wipes are safe for the babies hence can be used to clean the babies. (It takes up less space too!!)

  • Cushion for back

You have to breastfeed frequently when the baby is small. Some babies tend to breastfeed every hour or every two hours. But you only would have delivered your baby recently, so you are bound to have back pain if you sit for too long. So comfort yourself with a cushion for your back that will support it properly.

  • Feeding Pillow

While breastfeeding babies tend to be on the breast for long times. So when holding them in same position for too long your hands might hurt or there are chances you might not be able to position the baby in the right place for long time. Gift yourself a feeding pillow, which is highly useful in both normal deliveries and C-section deliveries. Not to forget it is very comfortable for your babies too.

  • Breast Pads

Obviously you do not want your breasts leaking when you have visitors. Trust me leaky breasts are very common in the initial days until your baby starts feeding more. Save yourself the embarrassment by buying a few pairs of breast pads. It is also useful when you are getting yourself some fresh air.

  • Breast Pumps

Most people here in India are not really aware that there is something called as “Breast Pump”. People here think it is unnecessary stuff and is frowned upon. But it was very beneficial for me as my little one had a very hard time latching, consequently we faced a lot of problems in breastfeeding. So my milk supply started decreasing, that is when I heard of and started using breast pumps. Only then i could maintain until my little one started latching properly. Breast pump is a simple and harmless device for new moms. It is an awesome device which can be used by most of the new moms who are going to go back to work soon. You can pump and store your milk for your baby. You can have that relief when you are working that your baby is not deprived of your milk.

  • Nipple Shields

This is again something which will help the newborn babies latch easily onto your breast and make breastfeeding easier. In the initial days most of the babies find it difficult to latch due to various reason. Once the baby is comfortable latching, you can discontinue its usage. Also this is very helpful in days when your baby has teeth and bites you while feeding (almost every mom goes through this).

  • Hot Water Bag

This will be a huge relief when your body hurts after the delivery. Some new moms might have back pains, leg pains etc for a few days (These pains will reduce as the days pass by). Your whole body will be very tender. It takes time to recover. Using hot water bags to apply its heat on specific parts of body will give you a little relief from the pains.

  • Water Bottle

Breastfeeding makes you thirsty a lot. So have attractive water bottles handy when you are feeding your baby. Also, keeping yourself hydrated might help you avoid problems like constipation.

  • Postpartum Waist Belt

Since centuries there has been a tradition of binding the mother’s tummies post deliveries. This way of tying a cloth or using a belt around your tummy helps reposition and reduces the size of swollen uterus. It redefines your waistline and tummy. It also provides a huge support for your back. Use it daily for at least first three months after delivery.

Hope this list saved your precious time. Happy shopping!!

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Thanks for reading the article. If you have any more additions to the above list, please let us know in comments.

*** Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links. It means if you buy something we suggest we will get a small commission. You will not be paying anything extra. This does not affect our product reviews in any way as we suggest only whats best. ***

*** Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links. It means if you buy something we suggest we will get a small commission. You will not be paying anything extra. This does not affect our product reviews in any way as we suggest only whats best. ***

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