Simplest way to boost immunity and intellect in your baby with gold

All of us want our babies to be strong. We want to boost immunity in babies to make them less prone to illnesses. We wish for them to be strong, smart and sharp so as to survive in this fast moving world. So the important question is how do you make this happen?

Ancient Indian traditions and Ayurveda suggests doses of gold given to the babies from birth will boost immunity and make them strong. Research also says it can increase their memory and have a good effect on their overall growth. It will help keep most illnesses and diseases away from the baby. (What more do we moms want right ? Healthy and smart baby is all we ask for).

In some cultures “Swarnaprashana”(technique of feeding gold) is a ritual done during naming ceremony(Namakaranam) which is said to enhance and boost immunity and improve the intelligence in children. In some other cultures in India people give it in the form of “ghuti” (Ayurvedic rasayan for babies). All these practices show the importance of gold for babies from centuries. This should be done till at least 1.5 years of their age.

Simple Ways To Boost Immunity In Babies
Know more about the process. There are two methods to include gold in the baby’s intake.

  • Grinding the gold coin on the stone

Please wash your hands clean before you start the process. Take a drop or two of boiled drinking water on a sandalwood grinding stone. Now you can take a 24 carat gold biscuit or 2-5 gram gold coin and grind it over the stone 4 to 5 times in clockwise direction. You will see a slight change in the color of the water. Now take this drop of water and put it on the baby’s tongue for it to drink.
Please note that you should not use gold rings or jewelry that has been used daily or occasionally as it is not hygienic.
Boost immunity in babies using Gold Coin On Grinding Stone

  • Swarna siddha jal

In 1 litre of drinking water, add a 2 -5 grams gold coin and boil it till the water reduces to half or boil the water for at least 20 minutes with the gold coin in it.
Generally newborn babies do not need water, but after a month or two or if it is summer season we can give them a little water because they might be thirsty. Make sure the temperature of water is just right for the baby neither too hot nor too cold.

  • How does this work? What are the benefits?

I am sure many of you might be wondering how does this work. Let me explain it to you. In the boiling process, the electronic energy of the gold infuses in the water. Gold infused water is a nervine tonic. What is a nervine tonic for babies? It is something that can calm the nerves of the baby.
There are researches that show gold can increase memory and intelligence and also has a significant impact on the mind. It is also shown to improve memory and increase the IQ and boost the immunity.

Since thousand years Ayurveda states that gold is the most precious metal. Consequently you can use this gold infused water for its preventive and protective property. According to Ayurveda you can administer the benefits of this Swarnaprashana according to the duration it has been given for.

If you give this regularly for a month, it can increase the immunity and make the child highly intellectual.
If you feed this water for more than 6 months regularly, it can boost the grasping power in children, i.e. Children might be able to remember things they have only heard once.

Some records suggest Egyptians too used Gold for its medicinal and healing properties. The alchemists  made an elixir of gold which would extend life. ‘Paracelsus’ the famous physician, alchemist from the 16th century used Gold as a therapeutic agent to treat nervous disorders. Ancient physicians and chemists used gold as a life extending and rejuvenating agent. ( I say it would be good if all us moms also drink this to stay young, healthy and energetic to keep up with the little ones).

Gold is a non toxic element so there is no harm in trying this right??
See isn’t this quite a simple technique to ensure your kids better future? I have been using this for my little one since the day he was born. Till date he drinks the same gold infused water. Trust me when I say he is a highly active and intelligent kid.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions in the comment section.

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  1. Rafik Niduni

    My son is 15 month shall i gave him gold?

    1. ramyabarithaya14

      Yes. In the form of swarna prashana or water boiled for over 30 minutes with a pure gold coin in it.

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