Simple Yet Effective Ways To Boost Baby’s Development In The First Year

When you look at a newborn baby, you see hope, the future, and everything amazing. Every parent wants to do the best for their baby. I have been researching the best things and what’s best for my baby each day since I came to know that I was pregnant. That’s what all parents want. To do best, to provide the best stimulation, to make sure they have the capability to become amazing and happy. Learning plays a very important role in every child’s life. By learning I don’t mean only school kind of learning. Playing is a way to learn how to enjoy yourself. Speaking, reading and writing are skills you learn to express yourself. How to boost a baby’s development? Most asked question! There are simple yet amazingly effective ways you can stimulate early learning in babies. Every experience, every touch, every word plays a huge role in your baby’s brain development. So come on let’s see how you can start early learning with babies.

Amazing Ways To Boost Baby's Development In the First Year

How To Boost Baby’s Development And Stimulate Early Learning In Babies

Love Your Baby – Most Important & Impacting Factor in Baby’s Brain Development

The unconditional love of parents is the first and the most important stimulation to your baby’s early learning. Parents love their babies and children no matter what. This is something that comes easily to each one of us. Of course, the baby’s moods, crankiness, and sleepless nights will make it irritating sometimes. But our love never diminishes for our children. This unconditional love is what makes your baby feel safe and secure. When the baby feels safe it visibly impacts and boosts the baby’s development. 

Get To Know Your Baby

Who knows your baby better than you, right? Get to know your baby. Focus and observe what stimulates your baby and what makes him happy and makes him move. I noticed my little one love watching the huge black and white patterned curtain waving with the wind. His attention was occupied for at least 10 minutes at a time. This was when he was just a month to 2 months old. He would love it when I used to speak to him and started responding to me by making sounds when he was just 3 months old. I loved our little conversations.

Study your baby and set up activities which makes him or her happy. This way you can get to know your baby a little more and stimulate your baby’s growth all at the same time. 

Follow Your Baby’s Lead To Boost Your Baby’s Development

Always keep an eye out for what your child is doing before you go and set up a new activity to stimulate your baby’s growth. If your baby is busy watching the sun rays passing through the window or is looking at plants. Keep aside your activity and let the baby enjoy. We need to make sure that the baby is the leader when it comes to boosting the baby’s brain development. It is very easy to follow a baby’s lead. They are so amazing. Looking at their fingers and legs. Studying everything and taking everything in and getting accustomed to themselves and how they can move. All this is done by the child itself. It is such a privilege to watch a child grow through the first year. We can enhance early learning in babies just by being their companions. 

Time It Right

The best time to plan any brain boosting activities for your child is when your baby is most active and alert. This state of newborn mind is active wakefulness. At this point the baby is most receptive to physical activities and movement activities etc. The babies however do not have long attention spans. Please make sure you keep any external activity for a short time or only until the baby looks interested. A baby gives cues like looking away, rolling away, crying etc to indicate that they are done. 

If you notice your child, you will see times when the baby is alert but not quite active. This is a time you can use quiet time activities like reading a book, singing soft songs, massage and bath etc.

Check our article on “Newborn State Of Mind” to know more about how a newborn baby’s mind works. 

Encourage Your Baby

The simplest encouraging behavior from parents can go a long way in boosting a baby’s development. So what is this encouraging behavior? Clapping when your child does something right, positive words when your child accomplishes something, a smile every now and then when your child is playing on his own. Keeping it exactly right (not going overboard) is the key to moderation. 

I have a nighttime routine of reminding my child how awesome he is and all the good things he has done during the day. Just before sleep, he is receptive to everything. We go through the tough times he had through the day and how it could have been done differently. This has created a very positive impact on him. Consequently, he has started talking about things he needs to express on his own now.   

Pressure Free Environment is Crucial to Boost Brain Development

Pressuring your baby and child at any time does not have a positive impact on the baby’s development. Keep everything simple. The ultimate goal of early learning and boosting a baby’s development is the baby’s happiness. Pressuring to meet milestones or creating activities just to push in that direction (even if the baby is not interested) is a big NO. Every child has a different time when he achieves milestones. In the first year, a baby might start talking earlier whereas other babies might start moving early. It depends on what the child is actually interested in. Keep the baby happy and smiling all the time and within no time you will see signs of the baby’s development. 

Learn Along With Your Baby

I am so happy that I have learnt so many new things with my child. A child teaches you so many things provided you are ready to learn. A child is an epitome of mindfulness. They eat when they are hungry and only as much as they are hungry, they sleep when they are sleepy, they listen to body cues (like hunger cues, over stimulation cues, etc). Children relish just being able to watch something. They are completely present with us at all moments. A child eating on his own makes a mess, but have you noticed how he enjoys the food he likes. This is just the simplest of examples. 

I am still open to learning so many things and it makes me happy. Having parents as a companion boosts a baby’s development immensely. For the first 4 years “Parents” are all the child needs. 

Be Present With Your Baby

There are so many things to do around the house and having a baby does not make it easy. Some parents have to manage without any help. At all times it feels so difficult to be there with the child too. Take simple steps, sing to your baby during a nappy change. Keep your baby with you while you cook. Show him around the house while telling him everything that goes around the house. Keep the baby on a mat nearby when you have to tend to your plants. Such simple activities help you relate to your baby while stimulating the baby’s growth. 

Read to Your Baby and Read Around Your Baby – Ever Lasting Way To Stimulate Your Baby’s Brain Development

Reading is a crucial and most effective activity you can do with your child. You can start from the first month itself. There is a huge variety of baby books, board books available. These books are designed specifically to catch a baby’s attention. Since they are made sturdy it is safe to hand over the book for a baby to study it on their own and spend time with their books (without books ending torn). 

The best way to develop and cultivate a reading habit is by reading around the baby. Baby needs to see and listen to your reading. The baby does not really understand what you are reading but it is getting recorded subconsciously. Reading is the most amazing and everlasting way to boost a baby’s development.

Hands On Learning Right From The Beginning Stimulate Early Learning In Babies

The best and most creative way for a newborn baby to learn is through his hands. They feel everything through touch. Have you noticed how your child’s hands are wandering all over you while you breastfeed? Baby loves skin to skin touch that is provided best while breastfeeding. When you provide rattles and toys for your baby, try to make sure you give the baby a chance to pick it on his own and start shaking it. A wide variety of textured and natural material toys are now available. Encourage your baby to explore the world around him with his hands. Hands-on learning is the best and most interactive way to boost baby’s development. 

“The hand is the instrument of the mind. The hand allows the mind to reveal itself.”

Maria Montessori

Physical Activities Is Crucial

Physical activity plays a very important role in a baby’s development. So what are the physical activities involved when it comes to a baby. Letting your baby have some swaddle free time throughout the day. Massaging your baby regularly is another amazing way to boost the baby’s growth. Once your baby starts crawling, giving him enough opportunities (safe) to crawl and walk around the house too with the baby. Physical activities may look simple to us but there is a lot of internal development that is linked to it. Walking does not only involve only walking, it involves concentration on legs, coordinating, active brain, muscle involvement, etc. 

Screen time is unnecessary 

Screen time is unnecessary for a child upto 2 years. 

Spend “Special Quality Time” with your baby 

All parents are extremely busy. There is always some work to be done. And Work will always be there. Stay at home moms, Working Moms, Single Moms every kind of mom out there has so much to do and so little time to do it. However, it is crucial to spend one on one quality time with your baby right from the beginning. Quality time means you spend time with your baby with no distractions at all. Keep your phones aside, work aside, and just spend that time with your child. Be mindful about this time. Keep your thoughts aside too. For that hour just be mom and dad and the baby. Regular exclusive time spent with children contributes a great amount to a baby’s brain development.  

Sometimes managing this becomes too difficult. What you can do is reserve sometime before bedtime just for your children. No distraction is the rule though. 🙂 

Respond to your baby immediately to stimulate brain development

In the first year of your baby’s life, it is extremely important that parents pay rapt attention to what a baby needs. In the first year hunger, sleep, and physical touch, diaper care is all the care a baby needs. However, these are crucial to a baby’s sense of safety. A newborn baby cries when he is hungry, cries when he needs a diaper change, cries when he needs to be held. It is up to us to decrypt the baby’s crying so that we can provide a sense of comfort and safety to our children. I have seen mothers expert at just listening and understanding within seconds what their child needs. The best way to provide the necessities immediately is by trying to build predictable routines for the baby. I know it is not completely possible. But a mama can hope right!! Us moms also thrive on routines when there is a baby in our arms. This constant attention and care build a sense of attachment and trust in babies. This is a basic foundation to build self-confidence in children. This boosts the baby’s development in the most amazing ways.

Be Happy Around the baby 

Happy babies are curious about learning so happy about learning too. They find happiness in the smallest of things. It is crucial to provide a safe, happy, and stress-free environment for a child to grow beautifully from inside and outside. The environment in which the baby grows should be caring, nurturing, and healthy. 

Imagine children to be the seeds of the future. Have you noticed how nature nurtures the seeds in between such gentle and beautiful flowers? All we need to do is simulate our Mother nature and provide a similarly happy and beautiful environment to boost the baby’s development

Talking to Your Baby Boosts Baby’s Brain Development

Talking to your baby is another crucial aspect of a child’s brain development. You can boost your baby’s development and growth by talking to your baby regularly. So what does talking involve? Talk about your day, talk about how you do things, how things work, sing to your baby, read to your baby, tell stories. 

Check our article on “Why Talking To Your Baby Is Extremely Important!”.

Set Up A Safe Home Environment and Let Them Explore Around to Boost Baby’s Development

What does a learning child need? Safe and Secure place to explore. Learning requires hands-on exploration. However, if the child does not have a safe place (sharp edges at every corner), he might hesitate to try again. A child who’s learning to walk might fall many times. You need to be around most of the time to make sure he does not hurt himself or herself. This sense of security and safety is crucial for a baby’s development. 

Understand Your Child’s Temperament 

Every child is special and different. Every child’s temperament is different. How your baby responds to the stimulation you provide depends on his temperament. You can observe your child’s temperament right from birth. Some children love exploring and going to new places, meeting new people and everything new. However, there are babies who love the same old same old, and comfort in known situations and are comfortable with regular people. It is a great idea to know and understand your child’s temperament before you plan on boosting the baby’s development and early learning.

Give Your Baby Space To Boost Baby’s Growth and Independence

A baby needs stimulation but he needs off time too. Continuously offering stimulation without giving break does not really result in intended brain development. A baby needs to be on his own so he can take the initiative to look at something interesting around him without consistent background chatter (not being offensive). That quiet time a baby gets to rely on himself to find the stimulation that needs is a great way to nurture independence and self-care for the future. Great qualities I think every mom knows her child needs to learn. So give your baby some space from time to time to let him or she have their own explorations and observations. 

Effective Ways To Boost Baby Development

Every parent wants to boost early learning in babies in effective ways and do so many activities with them. However, it is equally important to let them enjoy and explore on their own too, without overly organizing each and every minute of your baby’s life. Nature has her own plan to boost baby’s development by helping them with their senses and the beauty around the baby. Our job as parents can be to be there for your child and support in the right way and provide a healthy and happy environment. This is the best you can do to boost your baby’s growth.

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