Nappy change – Basics and simple tips and trick you must know

Nappy change is a frequent and dreaded task for the beginning few weeks. Dreaded cause you might get to see many colors during the first few days of your baby’s life. Sometimes you might need to change nappy  every hour in the first few weeks. This is frequent especially in cases of breastfed babies as breastmilk is easy to digest. Hence more wet nappies, accompanied by more feedings. One of my nephew used to pee at half hour intervals and had to be fed immediately after the nappy change (thinking if are you lucky?? Yeah. Me too!!). Comparatively, in case of formula fed babies they can hold it down a little longer.

Grossed out at thought of nappy change before having a baby ? Trust me once you have a baby you will have to check baby poop, keep note of the color, number of times it is done. Not such a pretty job to do as hugging and cuddling with your baby i know, but it has to be done right?  As parents you have to be very prompt in the nappy change to keep our baby’s sweet little bottom irritation free and soft.

Nappy change - Grossed out by the thought of diaper change

When is it time for nappy change?

Good thing is the baby generally gives you an indication that it has done the deed !! Your baby will become uncomfortable, start crying or wriggling. Also the smell will indicate you that it’s time for “Nappy Change”. (My little one’s nappies used to smell throughout the house).

If you choose the cloth diapers you can tell by the wetness that it needs a change. In case you choose disposable diapers you will know from the indicator stripe on the diaper that it’s full and time for nappy change. When you are using normal standard diapers you will understand that it is time for nappy change by a whiff or checking how heavy the diaper has become.

Please note that once the baby poops it is very important to change the diapers immediately as leaving it for long might be one of the reasons for diaper rash. Even if you are on a trip or on the road make timely checks and stop if your baby needs a diaper change.

Nappy change - Basics, Simple tricks and tips

At night times your baby might wake up because of a wet nappy. You can try changing the nappy without switching on the lights. This will help them go to sleep easily. Switching on the lights might indicate them that it’s time to play or feed.

Simple Tips for Nappy change :

Before you begin the nappy change routine daily, make sure you go through these tips to make change time a better experience:

  • Keep everything ready and handy for nappy change

Before you start changing your baby’s nappy, keep everything ready and handy which will ease the process and make it quick.

Nappy change - Ger all the things required ready

Things you need to keep ready:

  1. Cloth diaper / Disposable diaper of your choice
  2. Changing mat to put on the table you will be changing on or any area you would prefer for this.
  3. For the beginning few weeks use a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball and warm water in a bowl to clean your baby’s bum. After the first month you can start using water based wipes to clean their bottoms.
  4. A change of clothes in case the diaper has leaked onto the clothes.
  5. Diaper rash cream ( only in case of diaper rash you may need to apply a good generous layer of this cream).
  • Make sure your hands are clean before nappy change

Clean your hands properly with soap and make sure they are hygienic. It is better if you trim your nails. Some babies like to struggle during nappy change you may end up hurting the baby with your nails.

  • Entertainment on board

Keep some toys handy for kids who don’t like to be changed. Any mobile that can make a sound or keep them entertained while the nappy change is a must have.

Nappy change - Keep some toys or mobiles ready during diaper change if your baby is one in the wriggling ones

  • Do not leave the baby alone

You may be changing the baby on a changing table or any platform of your choice ( I generally did it on the floor on a baby bed by covering it with a changing mat). You must have a changing mat. These are washable and dry quickly. Also you must not leave the baby unattended for a long time. Even if your baby is still not mobile, this is a necessary precaution. Sometimes toys and extra stimulation may provoke them in moving a little

  • Give the sweet little bottoms some free time

You need not put another nappy as soon as you have removed and cleaned the soiled one. You can leave them empty for some time. Giving some free time and letting the diaper area dry properly before putting on another nappy will help avoiding diaper rashes.

Nappy change - After changing the soiled nappy give the baby some free time to avoid nappy rashes

  • Disposing the nappies

You need to roll and pack the disposable diapers in a paper and then put it into the diaper bin. Packing it into a newspaper will avoid the smell to spread throughout the garbage area until it is ready to be thrown.

In case you are using cloth diapers you can wash them immediately. But in case you cannot wash you can remove the solid poop and then put it into the laundry bag meant for your baby’s soiled nappies. Once you have many of them they can be washed together.  Please make sure these cloth diapers are sun dried nicely to avoid any germs or bacteria.

nappy change - diaper pail to dispose soiled nappies or diapers

  • Wash your hands after

As soon as the nappy change is done, wash your hands with soap and water.  Clean them with sanitizer before touching the baby again. This is because baby’s skin is very sensitive. Babies are prone to infections. Hence the cleanliness.

  • In case you have a baby boy

You should clean under and around the penis gently. You should do this daily. This will help keep infections and other troubles related to their little members away (expect to see a few erections during nappy change, this is completely normal). When you put on new nappies make sure baby’s penis is pointed down, otherwise they might end up wetting their nappies and shirts in the process.

There have been discussions on whether cloth diapers or the disposable ones are good for the babies. Of course the cloth ones are very good for the baby. They are very gentle on baby’s soft and supple skin.

Nappy change - Cloth diapers best for your baby

But as a mom I understand that sometimes us moms need some rest(especially the moms who don’t have help). During such times it is ok to use disposable nappies. Just make sure you remove the soiled diapers immediately and take care of cleaning them from time to time.  You can relax about using the disposable diapers.

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Hope the article helped you !! In case you have something you need to tell us , please send it in the comment section!! Happy Parenting!!

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