Must Know Practical Perks Of Formula Feeding Your Baby

Yes facts and reasons are heavily in the favor of “Breastfeeding” . But it is inevitable for mothers who can’t or don’t want to breastfeed. There can be several reasons like inadequate supply or other medical issues which make breastfeeding impossible. You must  not worry or feel guilty the right formula can nourish your baby as good as your breast milk.

You should purchase and store Formula with great care. Parents should refer the baby’s pediatrician before you give the baby any top feed. Formula’s cannot match a mother’s breastmilk, but it comes highly close to the nourishment it provides.

You can exclusively breastfeed your baby or do a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding your baby if you have a variation in your milk supply. Your mind may be perplexed about what to do. So before you decide or make up you mind, please see the below benefits of formula feeding your baby.

Formula Feeding - Must know practical perks of Formula Feeding your baby

Some practical perks or benefits of Formula feeding you must know :

  1. It is easy to track the intake of formula because it is bottle fed. Nowadays the bottles come with calibrations for measuring a babies intake. The parent can actually see how much the baby has had. On the other hand a breastfeeding mom can only say how much the baby has had from dirty and wet nappies.
  2. The formula feed digests slowly than the breast milk. The baby feels full for a long time. Hence the formula fed babies tend to sleep more after the field then the breastfed babies. This long rest between feedings is every mum’s dream.
  3. Formula feeding gives the new mum a little free time because it can be done by dad or other care taker. Mom need not be around. She can take rest or give herself a much needed break. While bottle feeding mum can have a good night’s rest by handing of the night feeds to the dad or another caretaker, the breastfeeding mums can’t. Trust me you will be thankful for the bottle especially at those night time feedings.
  4. You can formula feed in a bottle in the public I opposed to breastfeeding which you cannot or choose not to in public. In case of formula feeding no need of untucking or redressing.
  5. You can eat what you feel like eating. Breastfeeding moms don’t generally have the freedom of eating according to their wish. While breastfeeding you need to take it slow, the bottle feeding moms can take care of their diet to focus on fast recovery.

Now you see there are so many formulas available in the market. Which one is right for your baby? It matters whether you are exclusively bottle feeding or giving a combination top feed and breastfeeding. There are a few types of formulas:

  1. Milk based formulas
  2. Soya based formulas
  3. Lactose free formulas
  4. Reflux formulas
  5. Supplementation formulas

These formulas has types and proportions of proteins fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients which are similar to a mother’s milk. Ask your babies pediatrician about the formula which will suit your little one the best. Different formulas work well for different babies at different times.

Try for a few days and then select which one suits your baby the best. The formula with more prebiotics suited my little one as opposed to normal milk based formula.

Doesn’t formula feeding have it’s own set of benefits? There are a few plus points specially the “rest” part seems very tempting right!!  Happy Feeding!! Enjoy anything you chose for your baby because “A happy mom is the best kind of mom!!!”

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