Must have baby milestones chart for the first year

” A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities – Eda J Leshan ”
We love to see our little ones grow in front of our eyes. This happiness of watching them grow is beyond explanation. The growth of the baby is designed to happen slowly over a period of time. We cannot see any development overnight. It is very important to monitor these baby milestones. Some babies take a little more time than normal timeline to accomplish these milestones. Proper increase in weight is also very important in the first year of the baby’s life.

Baby Milestones – First Year Weight Chart

How should baby’s weight increase in the first year?
Baby Milestones - First Year Weight Chart
Sometimes your baby might not look chubby. There is nothing for you to worry as long as your baby is active and eating well and sleeping right. Trust me you will hear this a lot if your baby isn’t chubby. “Are you not feeding him properly? He looks so tiny. He should be chubbier..!! ” . My little one weighs a little more than the normal chart but still he isn’t on the chubby side. So i get asked these questions a lot.
Below is a general timeline of the milestones observed in babies. These timelines/guidelines are designed to keep track of your baby’s development compared to a broad range of kids so we can track his/her progress and to be sure that baby is developing properly. Please consider this just as a guideline. It is not exactly same for all the children.
Baby milestones - A must have Developmental Milestone list chart to compare the progress of your baby's health.

Remember your baby, like every other baby is one of a kind.  If you feel concerned about your baby’s milestone achievements, trust your instincts and please consult the pediatrician. Most likely there are no problems at all, it might just be that your baby is moving forward at a slow pace.

Must know Developmental Baby Milestones seen in the First Year:

Baby Milestones: 1st Month

  • Baby’s hearing is completely developed.As a result he/she may even recognize and respond to the Mother’s voice.
  • For the beginning few weeks the baby’s hands will mostly be fisted. The baby will try to vigorously move hands and legs together trying to familiarize with them.
  • Your baby’s vision has not yet completely developed. This will happen over the time period of three to four months. So the baby can focus on objects which are only very close to his/her face. More importantly on the mom’s face.

Some super fast babies will be able to:

  • Respond to a loud noise with a cry or becoming silent.
  • Smile in response when somebody smiles at them
  • Observing the surroundings
  • Lifting head at a good angle when put on tummy

Baby Milestones: 2nd Month

  • Some babies may respond to a smile with a smile, especially the mom’s smile and some other prime caregiver’s smile
  • Little one will now try to lift his/her head a little when on tummy, but will not be able to hold it for too long.
  • Your baby can now track moving objects with his/her eyes
  • Babies of this age will be very fascinated by black and white objects or high contrast objects. Because of this you can buy rattles or baby toys that are black and white.
  • Try to move their hands and notice their hands.

Few very eager babies will be able to:

  • Hold their head upright for a more time than normal babies when held in upright position.
  • Few may even try to roll over as early as two months. (God only knows what hurry are they in !!! )
  • Might try and reach for hanging objects or toys.

Baby Milestones: 3rd Month

  • After all those feedings and massages your baby has a good amount of energy to play.Hence he will start kicking frantically. He would love to move his legs vigorously in all directions.
  • Baby will try to bring their hands into their mouth.
  • Babies are very fond of grabbing their blankets and grasping stuff near them.
  • By the end of 3 months, baby will be able to recognize familiar faces that he sees daily. Not only faces but he would recognize their voices too.

Some super fast babies will be able to:

  • Raise their heads and stay like that for a few moments when on their tummy.
  • Roll over their back or front.
  • Show happiness when they go to their favourite person.
  • Make a few sounds.

Baby Milestones: 4th Month

  • Babies at this stage would like to hold toys and shake them, just because they can move their hands. Not particularly to make play.
  • Babies will start making cooing sound and express happiness and discomfort in other forms than crying.
  • Babies now would love being lifted, carried. It is likely that they love it when you dance holding them.
  • Now normally all the babies would be able to hold their heads at 45 degree angle  during tummy time.

Some high speed babies will be able to:

  • Sit with support.
  • Might start responding to mommy’s or daddy’s voice with a sound.
  • Can be soothed with a familiar song or by lifting.

Baby Milestones: 5th Month

  • Tries to reach for and grasp favourite toys
  • Tries to roll over in both the directions; or any one direction;
  • Babies can hold their head for sometime when they are held upright.
  • Scans across the room and squeals in delight when sees “mama” or “papa”

Some super fast babies will be able to:

  • Sit without support.
  • Might even try to go and reach for the toy which is out of reach.
  • Try to use their tiny fingers to grasp and pinch small things.

Baby Milestones: 6th Month

  • Babies will now be interested in playing with their toes;Similarly they love to put it into their mouth.
  • Now babies may be able to roll over easily in both the directions.
  • Baby may try to say some words.
  • When the baby is put down for tummy time, he/she will be able to raise their head and chest with the support of their arms.

Selective high speed babies will be able to:

  • Crawl especially the ones that have been given a lots of tummy time since beginning.
  • Might get into sitting position from tummy.
  • Baby may call out for attention.

Baby Milestones: 7th Month

  • Your baby will be able make cooing sound and make some gurgling sound when he/she is happy. Most noteworthy keep them happy all the time, it is very good for their brain development.
  • Now in the 7th month baby will be able to sit on their own or sit with a little support from you.
  • Babies will start exploring an object (it’s texture) by putting it into the mouth.

Some fast babies will be able to:

  • Turn in the direction of the sound to find the source where it is coming from.
  • Pass toys from one hand to another.
  • Recognize books and rhymes which they listen to daily. Therefore get into a habit of putting on soft music (preferably classic or jazz) because it is said to increase IQ of the baby.

Baby Milestones: 8th Month

  • Your baby will turn in the direction of the voice (any sound or your voice).
  • Your little one will now be perfectly able to see all the colors; Furthermore will particularly be fond of bright colors and attractive toys.
  • Baby might start looking at you when you call out his name.
  • Little one might start crawling or creeping depending on their choice.

Some speedy babies will be able to:

  • Stand with support or walk with support.
  • Stand alone for a few seconds.

Baby Milestones: 9th Month

  • Your baby will stand holding you or any furniture.
  • Your little one will now love to play games like peek a boo, blowing raspberries with you.
  • Baby might stand alone for some time when he finds any object of interest.
  • You can start saying “NO” to a certain things and your baby will understand no, in contrast might not be able to obey it yet.

Some super fast babies will be able to:

  • Stand on their own.
  • Some courageous ones might even start to walk.
  • Clap hands.
  • Say “Daddy” or “Mama” but not intentionally for calling purpose. (Mostly just getting the hang of it i believe!!)

Baby Milestones: 10th Month

  • Your baby will now start to pick small things and put it into his mouth. (Consequently be careful not to place any small things and to keep the house clean of dust for kid’s safety.)
  • Little one will now start to walk holding onto furnitures.
  • Your baby can even point at something or you if he wants to be picked or cuddled.
  • Your baby will start recognizing his toys and might even search for something he dropped.

Some fast and eager babies will be able to:

  • Start showing needs in other ways rather than crying.
  • Your baby will start talking in some made up foreign language trying to imitate you. As a result you will have to try to understand it; furthermore even converse in that language with the baby.
  • Baby will start exploring the world around him.

Baby Milestones: 11th Month

  • Your baby will raise his hands when he wants to be picked , cuddled or needs to be near you.
  • Your little one will start responding to his/her name with a smile.
  • Baby may start walking independently, very slowly putting a very few steps at a time.
  • Now you will start hearing noises around the house. Little one has started banging stuff or toy together knowing he can make a noise.

Some super fast babies will be able to:

  • Baby’s vocabulary will have a few more new words like “Ajja” “Ajji” i.e. “Grandpa” and “Grandma”. Certainly hearing those words from that tiny tot is like music to your ear’s right?
  • Your baby might start responding to small commands like “Sit” or “Stand” or he might start making signs for “Food”, “Water”. Probably he/she might show interest in eating their food on their own. They will try to take a spoon and a bowl and imitate you having food (without actual food). Therefore I think it’s time to let them eat their food one time a day. Allow them make a mess, consequently this is how they will learn.

Baby Milestones: 12th Month – An amazing year full of fun and amazing memories

  • Your baby might start calling you “mama” & “dada” intentionally.
  • Baby will start copying you, your gestures. Likewise little one might even starting imitating what you say in their own gibberish language.
  • Your baby will start walking independently.
  • Your little one might start cooperating with dressing by offering a hand or a leg.

Some super fast babies will be able to:

  • Start moving their bodies to music. Any kind of music pleases the babies.
  • Your baby might become sad if you are sad. Furthermore might even try to ease your pain. (My little one once came and comforted me when I was crying over something.)
  • Some babies might start showing stranger anxiety or separation anxiety, in contrast some will never will. (My baby belongs to the later category.)

This is just for reference of parents on how their baby is growing. If you think you need a detailed assessment please refer to a pediatrician. They will be able to help you with suggestions for improvements if your baby is off the charts.

Click here to download free printable “Baby Milestone Tracker Sheet” specially designed for your sweet little baby.

Thank you for your valuable time. Take care mommies and daddies !!

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