15 Tested Ways to Minimise Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness is a part and parcel of pregnancy just like cravings for ice creams, pickles and other yummy eatables. There are researches that state 75 % of the pregnant women experience nausea or vomiting because of morning sickness whereas 25% of the women don’t (Luckily I was one of them). If you are amongst the 75% you need these below ways to minimize morning sickness. These tips will help you relax, enjoy and rest during your pregnancy. If you are one of the 25% who don’t feel nauseous most of the time or feel queasy only at times you should consider yourself lucky.

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15 Ways to Minimize Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

There are chances you might start feeling nauseous after the sixth week og your pregnancy.

A few reasons for morning sickness are :

Hormonal Levels :

More than normal average level of hormones can increase morning sickness whereas less than the normal or average level of hormones can reduce or completely remove symptoms of morning sickness. More than average level of hormones is when a women has multiple babies in her womb and less than average is when she might be carrying a single baby. Even women with regular hormones (normal levels of hormones) might experience a little queasiness here and there. (Otherwise you won’t remember you are pregnant all the time!!). 


Are you smell or taste sensitive at non pregnant times ? Do you easily feel queasy at a particular taste or smell? This means you might have more chances of feeling nauseous during pregnancy. Women whose brain are more sensitive are more likely to respond to hormones and other triggers of pregnancy nauseousness. This means if you have motion sickness (I did!!) or car sickness , you are more likely to have high morning sickness during pregnancy. If you are normally not sensitive to nauseousness there are less chances of you facing morning sickness during pregnancy. 


There are studies which prove that emotional stress can cause tummy problems. For example some people cannot eat anything when they are nervous or anxious. Some people tend to feel nauseous when they are shocked or hurt. So in pregnancy your stress can alleviate your morning sickness. 


Physical or Mental fatigue can also increase the symptoms of morning sickness. Consequently extreme morning sickness can also increase physical and mental fatigue. It is a vicious cycle!!  Well played Pregnancy Well Played.

First Time Moms:

Many of my first time pregnant friends had morning sickness. Morning sickness is common in first time pregnancies. This might be because of physical and mental factors. During first pregnancy your body is not prepared for the dancing levels of hormones or physical changes it has to go through. Emotionally all the first time moms tend to be stressed about the baby, labour and other anxiety and fears.

If you have an older child then you might be physically and emotionally tired. There are always a few exceptions these general terms do not hold true for some women. Some pregnant ladies might not experience morning sickness during their first pregnancy and they might face it with a high intensity during the later pregnancy.  

Whatever the cause all that throwing up and the feeling of throwing up becomes tiresome when it goes on for the whole day. All you want is for the queasiness to stop so you can eat something and rest a little. Below are 15 ways you can minimize morning sickness during pregnancy.

15 Ways to Minimize Morning Sickness During Pregnancy:

Breakfast in Bed:

Morning sickness doesn’t wait for you to get up in the morning. Feeling nauseated is more if your stomach is empty after a long night’s sleep. When you haven’t eaten for a while the acids in the stomach have nothing to digest but your stomach lining in turn making you more nauseous.

It is best idea to have a mini breakfast in your bed before you even get out of your bed. Always keep some healthy snack ( your preference) handy at your bed side table. This minimizes morning sickness and benefits you in another way. You can have the snacks at midnight if you wake up hungry. You can also have a bite of your neck during the times you have to pee in the night so you make sure your stomach is never actually empty. 

Snack before you sleep:

Eating a late night snack high in proteins and nutrients followed by a glass of warm milk  will help you wake up little less nauseated in the morning. Make sure you do not eat very heavy food item during this time as it may have opposite effect. Warm milk might also help you sleep better. 🙂

Keep your tummy light:

A full tummy is as prone to vomiting as an empty one. Even if you feel very hungry try to eat light and fill your stomach a little lightly. Do not overload your tummy, instead you can eat something (snack or fruit) more frequently.

Eat more frequently :

During pregnancy it is very important to keep your blood sugar normal. Keeping your blood sugar at a regulated level can minimize morning sickness. Before pregnancy you might be having 3 meals a day, once you get pregnant it is better to eat 6 mini meals a day that 3 filled meals. If you are planning on going out carry snacks that you like eating for example crackers or dried fruits, pretzels or a fruit of your choice.

Eat healthy: 

In pregnancy you need to keep a healthy diet which is high in protein and complex carbohydrates. It helps minimize morning sickness. Eating healthy will help you balance the nutrients required by your body and also which is needed for your baby. Once your baby arrives and you start breastfeeding you need a huge stock of vitamins, nutrients and all the other goodies in your body to balance your health.

15 Best Ways To Minimize Morning sickness During Pregnancy

Eat what you can:

Sometimes you know you need to eat well, eat healthy but you are unable to keep it down? Unable to even smell it from a distance? Yes we all have been there. It happens with most of the moms you won’t be able to eat what you want to eat for the baby!! Right now your priority must be getting some food into your system and keeping it down.  As your pregnancy progresses you will have time for eating healthy. So eat what you can!!

Sometimes it happens that your favourite food will become a trigger to your nausea. So you might have to stop eating it. You might also start craving for something you never ever liked!! ( I did I used to crave for desserts during my pregnancy whereas before I rarely used to have any dessert!!)

Stay hydrated: 

When you are pregnant it is more important to get more fluids than solid food. Keeping yourself well hydrated may help you minimize morning sickness. Some times you might be able to drink something and keep it down but food might make you vomit. So make sure you get vitamins and nutrients in liquid. Make yourself some smoothies, juices, soups etc.

If you feel nauseous after drinking something make sure you get enough water through you food. Eat foods or fruits rich in water like watermelon, cucumbers. Coconut water can be your best friend during such queasy times.  See if your tummy prefers warm food and drinks or cool food and drinks. Eat and drink what suits your tummy. 

Staying Hydrated is very important to minimize morning sickness during pregnancy

Be away from nausea smell and sight triggers:

Your smelling senses will be heightened during pregnancy. Most of the women in pregnancy feel nauseated because of a certain smells. Find out what makes you queasy and be away from it!! Stay away as far as possible. Take help from your partner in such cases. There are times when your favourite perfume might also make you queasy!! Time to lock it in forever!! Looking at something might also make you vomit. So stay away from some sights that make you nauseous too.

Take you Vitamins:

Taking your prenatal vitamin supplements will actually help you keep your morning sickness at bay. You need to follow the timing mentioned by your doctor. 

Take your vitamins regularly to minimize morning sickness during pregnancy

Bring “Ginger” into your food:

Using ginger in moderate quantity in your cooking might help ease your nausea a little. It has been used and practiced by women over centuries and also suggested by midwives and our dear great grandmas.You can use in in teas, soups or ginger flavored biscuits. You can also smell a fresh cut piece of ginger when you are feeling queasy.

You can also try smelling lemons they work good too!!! Find your comforting smell and keep it with handy wherever you go. You never know when you might need your lemon or ginger!!

Use ginger to minimize morning sickness during pregnancy

Rest a lot and no stressing:

It Is very important to rest during pregnancy to reduce fatigue which in turn can help minimize morning sickness. You can notice that you feel more nauseous when you are more exhausted than normal. You need to reduce the stress levels too. Be relaxed and calm it will make you happy and healthy too. So rest up to be mothers, you need to have all the energy you can for later!!!

Slow down mommy:

You need to slow down a little if you usually are really breezy all the time. Rushing here and there and getting everything done in a jist might be for before pregnancy, certainly not meant for pregnancy. Having some quiet time might help ease and minimize morning sickness.

I know this is almost impossible for mothers who have older kids. You can try waking up a little earlier than the kids so you can have a relaxed morning and uncrushed breakfast. You can ask daddy to take the early morning responsibilities. Join later and take up your responsibilities. 

Try sea bands:

Sea bands are wrist bands designed to use acupressure to reduce nausea or morning sickness. It is generally used to relieve motion sickness too. It is a completely natural remedy (clinically tested) hence making it safe for use by pregnant women.

It operates by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan pressure point which can relieve nausea to a certain extent. No drug or chemical is used hence it has no side effects which are normally associated with anti nausea medicines.

Last resort (Medication):

If all the above tips and some additional tips from well wishers is not helping you at all. You are unable to keep anything down you can ask your doctor for a medicine to minimize the morning sickness a little. Do not take any medication until prescribed by your health practitioner. 

Keeping you mouth healthy:

You need to brush your mouth with toothpaste after every round of vomiting. Choose a toothpaste that doesn’t make you nauseated. If you are unable to brush at least rinse your mouth well. This will keep you teeth and gums healthy as continuous vomiting can cause bacterias to settle in your teeth. Keeping your mouth clean and fresh can also help you minimize morning sickness and keep it at bay.

All you pregnant moms out there, Relax this too will pass!! Keep your patience and energy up. You will forget all about this queasiness once you have your little bundle of joy in your hands. All the vomiting, nauseousness and morning sickness will fade away and only thing remaining will be your love for your little one.

If you have any other tip to share with all the other pregnant women, please do share with us in the comments section below. Kindly make sure you do share this article with all your friends and relatives so we can reach and help many more parents. Thank you!!

*** Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links. It means if you buy something we suggest we will get a small commission. You will not be paying anything extra. This does not affect our product reviews in any way as we suggest only whats best for our audience. ***

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