Life-Changing Secrets Of Getting Everything Done For Parents

Right from the day the beautiful journey of your parenthood began to the current day, it has been hectic right? From caring for the newborn to worrying about your running toddler, from endless feeding sessions to night comfort feeds. In the initial days when the baby is born, the visitors, the cluttered home to picking up your toddler toys 10 times a day. The day when you have a baby in your hand to the day your little one leaves for preschool, all the days have been beautiful yet tiring. Feeling like you have no control over life. Feelings most moms and Dads have on their mind when they look at the clutter around the house and being tired selves on the busiest day might be “Getting Everything Done Seems Impossible. Somebody Please Help!! ”

Life Changing Secrets Of Getting Everything Done For Parents I Wish I Knew Before

All of it sometimes seems difficult right?  But as difficult as it may seem this inability to keep everything clean or under control, does not really have any relation to your Parenting. This is something every parent goes through once in a while. Once you start getting more sleep and get used to being a parent, everything becomes easier. There are a few things you can do to get your life on track as much as possible so you feel better about your parenting days.

Secrets Of Getting Everything Done When You Are A Parent

Ask for help from partner or parents

Trust your partner and always let them know how you are feeling about Parenting and other tasks related to it. A new mom might be too tired to take care of her baby. You need to tell your spouse and parents about it and ask for their help in caring for the baby until you feel better. This will not only help you physically, but also help you avoid OverExhaustion. 

If you are a working mom and your little one has entered toddlerhood, I am sure you are in need of help handling the toddler during your work hours or whenever you have more work to do. See to it that you ask for help from your partner or parents on the days when it is going to be too busy for you. 

Know what is important ( Get your priorities straight)

Understand what is important in your life right now. You must get your priorities straight about things you have to do. Is getting everything done important? When you have a newborn baby, you need to sleep whenever your baby is sleeping. I am sure you might have heard it from each one you have met until now. But is it really possible to sleep when the baby sleeps. Mostly No! There is always something to do or something on your list. But it is a good idea to rest when the baby is sleeping. Put your feet in warm water and relax. Watch something if you feel like watching something. Resting and relaxing is more important during the new mom phase. 

When you have a toddler around, understand whether what is it that you need to do. Is spending time with your child more important or cleaning? When your baby is resting do you want to clean the house or do you feel like resting with the baby. It is up to you. This applies to both the parents. Doing too much can rob you of energy. Energy which you need on more important tasks at hand. Do not forget to smell your baby and enjoy every moment of your little one’s life, when you are too busy cleaning or doing other things.  

Organizing – Best Tip For Getting Everything Done

There are so many things that needs to be done when you are a parent. I suppose there will be huge pending to-do lists in every parents diary. Whenever you have something you need to get done, note it down. Every morning or night before, plan 2-3 high priority things you need to get done. Let’s be realistic. Getting everything done every single day is mostly impossible. Write down high priority tasks, chores that need to be done (but can wait if any other thing pops up), least priority tasks (to do only if you have free time). You can make you own list of such items which will help you organize your day and help in getting everything (on your lists) done.  

When you are a parent there are always days when the organizing never goes as organized. Some days can be unexpectedly busy ( like if your baby or child is sick) when you cannot get anything except parenting done and a few days will be leisurely when you can get more than expected tasks done. 

Making a list helps you get that thing of your thoughts and also make you feel like you have accomplished something when you have completed the task on hand. Involve spouses, other caregivers and grandparents in organization. They might just pitch in on tasks they can do for you. 

Be Simplistic

In the beginning years of parenthood it is best to keep it as simple as possible. Do not really spend too much on baby clothes and toys which won’t really be used much. For the first few years children do not mind siblings hand me overs. It is the best option if available as used clothes are gentler on baby skin. Moreover, in the first few years children grow out of the clothes too soon. So have simple minimalist wardrobe for your child. This helps you reduce your workload. Similarly you can pass the toys (unused or extra) to someone who needs them or donating them etc. This will help you minimize your task of storing, cleaning and organizing them.

When you are parents it is best to find the shortcuts that work for you. This applies to all the fields like cooking, cleaning etc. When it comes to cooking, you might want to pre-plan your meals. You can cut and chop the vegetables for the whole week and store in containers to be used later while cooking. Does cooking in the morning or night before help you have a relaxed morning before you leave for work? You need to find what works for you. 

I used baby wipes for the first whole year to clean almost anything possible like purse, workstation, toys etc. It was easy and saved a lot of my time. 

Be ahead of schedule – Best practical tip to getting everything done

Always be prepared for the next day or the next morning or next part of the day. If you are planning on going out in the morning with your baby, it is a good idea to get your clothes, baby clothes and the diaper bag ready once you put your baby to sleep in the night. This preparation might take you 15-20 minutes now, but if it is left for the next morning it may take about an hour with the baby awake. 

When you have a toddler with early morning preschool, prepare lunch box previous night. Keep the water bottle filled and the bag ready to go. Set out the clothes for your child and everything he might need handy (his favourite towel, brush etc). 

Arrange Help For Getting Everything Done 

Arrange for household help or any other kind of help you need. If you do not have any help like parents who can be around when you need it is a good idea to hire help. For the first few years of parenting it is generally helpful if you hire help for household chores. This way you can concentrate on parenting and your work or your health care. Once your baby grows, suppose your child is a toddler you can hire a babysitter or a nanny as per your needs. Please carefully select any help you need after a good background checks and verification. Great idea if any of your acquaintances or friends suggest you the agency that they have already used for their requirements.  

Keep the humour alive to keep getting everything done

Parenting is exhausting (most of the times). It may be because of lack of sleep or irregular routines, lack of help etc. It is best to keep your humour alive or it can overwhelm you at times. You need to be sane when around your children. Even in clutter and exhaustion your child is looking up to you how you handle it. Set an amazing example by being as calm and humorous as possible in stressful times. There will be times you cannot be and that’s okay too. 

Get used to being a parent 

Being a parent is hard work. Parents need to be alert always and most of the times on the run too. You might find your house cluttered most of the time. Pick up the toys and your toddler will pour them down again. You might have decorated walls, stained sofas, messy bathroom etc. Mere 2 year old will render your safety measures useless. So living with a child means living with a little chaos all the time. You need to get used to being a parent. It a beautiful feeling and confusing at the same time. 

Go out regularly with your child

Plan outings with your child regularly. Both of you need to get out of the house to feel fresh and energized. Get some sun together. Plan park outings for your baby right from the beginning months of your baby’s life. As your baby grows, he might start making friends with other children he sees in the park. Getting fresh air might help you return to your normally chaotic routine with a renewed energy. Consequently getting everything done in the overall picture. 

Subscribe things you need regularly to save time for getting everything done

There are many regular things like diapers, body lotions, shampoos etc for the baby which you need to buy on a regular basis. Stores can deliver the things you have subscribed. This can save your time and give you more time for tasks that are really important. Similarly automating your bill payments will also save a lot of your time. You can get everything done with “Time” on your hands.

Pamper Yourself 

Every weekend soak your feet in warm water or give yourself some “ME-TIME”. Don’t do the dirty laundry for the weekend. This papering varies from individual to individual. Reading rejuvenates me while watching TV may rejuvenate someone else. Find what makes you relax. You need to pamper yourself once in a while, this helps you be fresh and relaxed most of the time. 

Set Up Routines For Getting Everything Done 

Routines are every parent’s ammunition. When your baby is an infant routines may not work exactly as you plan. But routines always help parents establish some regularity into their life and child’s life. As early as possible draw up routines with your baby. You can have a special relaxing evening routine that relaxes and calms your baby before sleep time. Morning routines work wonders when your toddler starts preschool or kindergarten. You can set up routines to help you around your schedule. 

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Be ready to expect the unexpected

Parent’s plan does not always work out. Just when you are about to go out, your little one might poop. Many a times baby poops when the mother is having food. If you wait for his regular time and since he hasn’t shown any signs of going potty, you sit down for lunch. Within 10 minutes you might hear your child pooping. Always learn to expect the unexpected. This helps you not become cranky or irritated and keep a check on your emotions and getting everything done.

When your child grows up, there will be no messy house, no screaming bouts, no dirty laundry at all. You might even look forward to those but as and when they grow these things reduce to none at all. So enjoy the parenting fun while it lasts. There is nothing as satisfying as being a parent. Feeling everything with your child is as crucial as getting everything done, if not more. Some moments never come again. 

Happy Parenting!

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