How To Keep A Baby Safe

Do you remember the first time you held your baby ? Tiny, Fragile, Delicate but the most beautiful thing you had ever seen right? I will dare to suppose that this is how every parent feels when they first hold their baby. Babies look fragile but they are actually fairly strong and sturdy. They just survived birth which is said to be a very tough experience coming out of the womb through birth canal. Baby’s don’t break when you pick them up or by mistake if you do not support the neck it will not snap. Minor falls which sometimes happen by accident do not really harm them much. Still babies are a little vulnerable and in ways we parents cannot really think. So  the main question all the parents have in their mind is “How to keep a baby safe at home?” or “Baby’s Safety at home”

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Even newborn babies may sometimes get into trouble. As they grow they have a tendency to get into trouble more and more frequently.  Follow this simple yet most helpful tips to keep a baby safe at home and protect them from incident that should not happen.

Get a car seat or infant seat to keep a baby safe in the car

In India use of car seat is really not seen very much. We prefer to carry our babies in our arms. But as much as we love this, it is not safe in case of incidents or accidents. Car seats of infant seats are designed to keep a baby safe.  Many parents are yet to learn about the importance and handiness of having a car seat or infant seat for the baby. 

In car baby should be buckled in rear facing infant car seat and parents should be wearing seatbelts as well for safety. Keep supervising the baby at all times.

Moreover, a baby should never be left alone in the car for any amount of time. Carbon monoxide levels in the car in heat or cold are not good for the baby.

Bath time safety 

It is the best idea to keep one hand on the baby while bathing a baby. Rinse your baby with the other hand. To keep a baby safe while bathing use a small tub with minimum amount of water required. In case you are using a large tub keep the tub steady by keeping a small towel at the bottom to prevent from slipping. 

Do not leave the baby unattended near water bodies (small or large water tub, swimming pool).

Never leave a baby unattended

Never leave a baby unattended on changing table, bed, sofa or a chair or any other surface for that matter. Even a newborn who is not supposed to roll over sometimes (rarely) suddenly extends his or her body and may trip over or fall over. 

Such a thing happened with my friend’s child. Who would expect a newborn baby of 4-5 days to roll over. Luckily nothing happened and the baby is safe. So, an important point from baby’s safety is to “Never Leave a Baby Unattended”.

Supervise the toddler when playing with the baby

Toddler has best intentions at mind but they really are naive. A bear hug for the toddler is love but for the baby it might be damaging.  An attempt at cuddling might cause suffocation. So never leave a baby unattended with toddler under 5 years old. 

Take care that you do not verbalise this in front of your toddler, it might hurt his or her feelings. For the baby’s safety and toddler’s feelings consideration, use a tactical way of being around your baby always when the toddler is playing. 

No plastics around the baby to keep a baby safe from suffocation

Plastic can cause suffocation even in toddlers. So keep the plastics like vegetable bags or bubble wraps or cling wraps anywhere near the baby. This is a must to keep your baby safe at home.

No Soft Toys or Other Toys in the crib or cradle

Never keep any soft toys or extra blankets in the baby’s crib while the baby is sleeping. This can cause suffocation if it blocks the baby’s airway. Use soft toys and other toys to play with the baby at supervised times. Make sure the baby’s bedding is also firm and no loose sheets are present around a sleeping baby.

No necklaces or strings around the baby

Any string longer than 15 centimeters are harmful for a baby as it can wrap around the neck and cause suffocation.  Remove any toys with strings or any lace or ribbons etc. Avoid putting necklaces or chains on babies until they grow. If you have to put it on occasions, please keep checking the baby’s neck at times. 

Turn on the fan in the room

There are research that proves the babies  who sleep in rooms with fan on have less chances of SIDS. The circulation of air reduces the risks of SIDS. 

Never leave a baby alone at home

Never leave a baby alone at home even for a few minutes. You never know what is going to happen. So only go out when there is someone around the baby. For baby’s safety do not leave them alone and unattended at any time. It only takes seconds for accidents to happen. 

Never leave a baby alone with Pet

Even if your pet is a very well behaved one, to keep your baby safe never leave it alone with the baby. 

Sleeping position is also important to keep a baby safe at home

The best position for a baby to sleep in is on his or her back. This reduces the risk of SIDS. 

Read more about Baby’s Sleeping Position to know in detail. 

Carefully select the babysitter

The babysitter should be at least above 14 years. In India I haven’t come across such young babysitters until now. This is my experience. But if you hire someone as a babysitter, make sure they know how to take good care of your child and know what to do in case of emergencies. 

Remove cots, cradle and gyms once baby becomes 4 to 6 months

Once a baby can get up on his hands and knees it is time to remove all cots, gyms and cradles. This to avoid any accidents and keep a baby safe. My little one was more of a daredevil at 6 months I used to find him kneeling on the side of the cradle and by 9th month he started standing in the cot with the support of the cot. I knew it was time to remove these things for baby’s safety as he was enjoying the adventure but it was highly risky.

To keep a baby safe close all the electrical sockets

Babies and toddlers in general have a liking to put their fingers into holes they shouldn’t be putting into, especially electrical sockets. I have seen each and every kid do that until now. It is unsafe and very dangerous. Close the electrical sockets with plugs which are easily available online. They are removable when you need to use those sockets.

Do not place baby in a balcony or window near any unguarded space

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Chemicals and Cosmetics should be kept away from the reach of the baby and toddler

Remember chemicals which come in the form of cleaners are very harmful for the children. Cosmetics is also not very good for babies. So make sure you keep these away from them and out of their reach at home. This will help you keep a baby safe at home.

Baby proof all the sharp furniture corners, edges and removable glass tops or shelves – most important to keep a baby safe

Babies and infants as they grow have a tendency of bumping around every corner as they learn to crawl, walk and then run. Sharp edges can be dangerous and cause serious injuries to the infant. So guard these sharp edges and furnitures with baby proofing material easily available online. 

Never shake a baby

It is very dangerous to shake a baby or jiggle the baby . The neck and back muscles have not yet developed completely to bear the force of shake. This can cause serious brain and back damage. Please never shake your baby and never let anyone else shake your baby. Throwing the baby up in the air until the neck muscles have strengthened can also be dangerous. This also startles the baby it may cause the baby to panic and become stressed. Consequently, avoid such games for baby’s safety. 

I know this post seems negative and all about how things around the house can hurt a baby. But nothing is more important than learning and being aware about how to keep a baby safe at home. You won’t appreciate the positivity if you do not know what the negativity is. You should know what can hurt your baby and how to avoid it. Parents are always well rested and relaxed when they know our children are safe. Until they are independent, it is our responsibility to keep them safe. I love keeping my little one safe. I am sure you do to. 

Please share your own special tips for babies and children if you have any. Please comment in the section below.

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