How To Choose The Best Breast Pump For You

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Since your baby was born you would not have spent time apart. But there will be times when you might have to be away from your little one. You might need to get back to work or you might have planned a date night with your husband. There can be many reasons why you need or want a break from the continuous breastfeeding rounds. During these times your baby will be away from his food source that is your breast ( which you’ll carry around with you 😉 ). How will you make sure you give yourself a break and still make sure your baby is getting the best ? The answer is to express yourself or breast pumping. You might have a few questions in your mind? Why should I pump? Which is the best breast pump for me? Which ones are available in the market?

How To Choose the Right Breast Pump ?

Why should you choose to pump ?

Now you might be wondering why pump? There might be cases where you are getting back to work or you are hitting the gym regularly or attending classes etc. You will be away from your kids for a long time intervals on regular basis. So a few reasons why you might need to pump ?

  • Collect milk for feeding your baby when you are not around
  • Maintaining your milk supply
  • Relieve breast engorgement when your milk comes in
  • Provinding milk to your premature baby in the hospital
  • To increase your milk supply if it was less in the beginning
  • For Relactation

How to Choose a Breast Pump?

Some of you might be wondering why not hand express instead of pumping. Sure you can express by hand but it is a time consuming task and you can end up with a wrist pain if you are doing it on a regular basis. Breastfeeding or expressing is all about relaxation. The more you relax the let down will be easy and hence more the milk. Pumping makes it easier for you and it makes the experience more relaxing and comfortable. It will be more productive and time saving. Now a days there are so many breast pumps in the market right from simple and cheap manual breast pumps to a little expensive double electric breast pumps.

Everybody has a style so before you choose your breast pump think about the below points and then take a decision on which one you need to buy.

  • Your Needs: Consider your need for pumping. Are you going to be pumping regularly. If yes, then how often re you going to pump? Are you going back to work or college were you might spend most of your day? Will you be providing pumping for your sick or premature baby who is in the hospital? Or you will be pumping once in a while so you can rest for a night or few hours in a day.
  • Options: Check and weigh your options. Now that you have thought of your need the next step is you have to think about whether you will be pumping several times a day and would you pump for extended period of time (in cases you have returned to work full time or feeding your premature baby. In case you are returning to work and need to collect for the days when you will be working or you will be away for a long time from your baby a double electric pump will be very beneficial for you. In scenarios were you want to pump just to relieve the engorgement or to catch up on your sleep once in a while an inexpensive manual pump would fulfill your need.
  • Investigate: Not all the pumps are same. There is a huge variety of pumps designed for breast pumping. You need to do a small research on which one would be best for you. Ask your friends if they have used. You can check out reviews and posts by other moms before you finalize one. You also need to talk to your lactation consultant or doctor about using breast pump and take their guidelines.

Curious how does a pump work? In every pump there is a cup like structure known as “Flange”. A flange fits around your nipple and areola. When you start pumping action which mimics baby’s sucking starts and depending on your let down it takes roughly 30 minutes to empty both your breasts. A breast pump is a simple machine created to mimic suction (you can adjust the pressure according to your comfort).

There is a huge variety of pumps which fall into the below category:

Manual Pump :

These are simple hand operated pumps. These are a little cheaper that the electric ones. Easy to clean and you can carry it anywhere you go. When you squeeze the handle it creates a suction. If you need to pump only on a few occasion I would personally recommend this.

Top 5 and best manual breast pumps available in the market:

Electric Pump :

Electric pumps are faster and really easy to use. An electric pump will generally mimic the continuous suction of a baby. This is a best option if you are planning on pumping very frequently. The only downside is these are quite expensive.

You also have a double electric pump option available in this category. This is a very great feature. Pumping both the breasts together is quicker as it stimulates the production of “prolactin” in your body which means you will produce more milk in the same amount of time. Sure these are costly but if you are planning on pumping often or exclusively pumping double electric breast pump is the best option.

Electric pumps come with a variety of features like rechargeable batteries. back packs to carry. There are also a few high end pumps that come with a memory function which remembers your preferable rhythm for pumping and it will use that the next time you operate it.

Top 5 and best electric breast pumps available in the market:

You can ensure your rest once in a while by pumping and handing over the responsibility of feeding the baby over to someone else from the family. No matter what method you choose. Expressing or Pumping both are a little difficult in the beginning. In the early day you will not find loads of milk after pumping for some time but consider it a practice run until you get the hang of it. Main key is to relax and have patience and the milk will flow eventually!!! But you should know one thing pumping is not an alternate for breastfeeding. Your baby is a 10 start pump. These manual and electric pump are novice when compared to your baby.

Hoping the article will help you finding your kind of “Breast Pump”. Know more about Breast Pumping and a few tips and tricks.

*** Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links. It means if you buy something we suggest we will get a small commission. You will not be paying anything extra. This does not affect our product reviews in any way as we suggest only whats best. ***

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