How to burp a baby?

Burping a baby is a very important step to do regularly when you have babies.  Babies tend to intake air when they are feeding. This air can make the baby uncomfortable. Hence you need to burp them after every feed. It is good to burp the baby in between the meal ( bottle or breast ) so as to make them drink until their tummies are full.

Burping might be a must for babies but you can see that some babies are not too cranky even if they have not been burped. It is not that it a must step but if the baby is not burped often baby might be cranky or the baby might have spit up episodes.

Burping a baby - on the shoulder position

Babies are not big enough to burp on their own. Hence we need to pitch in to help them release the air trapped inside. As they grow they will learn to burp on their own. Until then as parents please make sure you burp them during and after feed.

There are 3 ways to burp a baby:

  1. On your shoulder
  2. Sitting
  3. On you lap facing down

You need to rub their backs or pat lightly on their back to help them burp.

  • Burping on your shoulder

Hold the baby in a position where baby’s head is resting on your shoulder and you support the baby’s bottoms with your arm. While in this position pat the baby’s back lightly ( or pressure which suits for your baby).  Sometimes baby might burp immediately or sometimes it may take time. Keep on patting until the baby burps.  This position is also beneficial for you and your baby as the contact the baby has with you is good for the baby’s brain development.

Burping a baby - on your shoulder position

If your baby has had episodes of a little spit up while burping it is a good idea for you to protect your clothes by using a burp cloth or any cloth suitable for you.

Some babies tend to move their head a lot in this position so you need to be very careful as they can loose balance.

  • Sitting

Helping the baby sit on your lap and patting on the back also helps the baby burp. Please make sure your baby’s head is supported properly as it will be wobbly in the beginning months.  You should support the baby’s chest with your arm. Keep an attention to baby’s head in this process. The baby’s love this position as it gives them a new perspective of the world around them. ( My little one would always sleep on my palms when we used to burp him in the sitting position.)

Burping a baby - in sitting position

  • On your lap facing down

This technique is not much used but helps in babies. It releases the gas trapped in their tummies. Put your baby facedown on your lap and lightly pat on the back. This will help them release the air trapped inside and also release the gas (if any).  This can good as it is also tummy time. The babies who love tummy times love this position for burping. In this position you have to keep a good hold of the baby. Some adventurous babies tend to move and wriggle in turn increasing the chance of falling.

If your baby seems to be very cranky or fussy when you are feeding him, it will be a good idea to burp him and see whether it comforts the baby.

It is seen that breastfeed babies tend to intake less air than the bottle fed babies. Hence reduces the number of time they need to be burped.  Whereas bottle fed babies tend to intake more gas while feeding. To avid this take anti colic bottles or the bottles with vent to prevent this air intake as much as possible. Click here to know how to select a bottle for your baby.

Hope the article helped you know information about burping a baby. If you want to interact with us please send us in the below comments section!!

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