How To Handle Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey but also crazy at times. All the crazy comes from “Pregnancy Hormones”. It is like a roller coaster ride. Wonderful because the are the hormones responsible in creating and nurturing the tiny little baby taking residency in the mother’s body. Whereas crazy because these same pregnancy hormones are making her overthink, over excited, weepy, pissed for no reasons, deliriously happy and stressed out. Trust me all these feelings can be felt by an expecting mother in one single day. Mom’s below are some of the best tips available on how to handle your mood swings during pregnancy.

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Expecting Dad’s share more than just the tiny little bundle of joy. They get their own share of experience handling the mood swings of the pregnant mothers. Fluctuations in your hormones plays crucial role, but your feelings play an important role too. Expecting Dad’s can also feel a variety of complicated feeling leading unto the months preparing for life’s most changing moment. It is completely normal. Anxiety, Excitement, Lack of confidence, fear all these feelings are common for both expecting mothers and fathers. Pregnancy Mood Swings are for both Moms and Dads. Don’t worry there are ways to handle this mood swings during pregnancy for both moms and dads.

How to handle your mood swings during pregnancy

Eating Healthy

Both mom and dad need to be eating healthy food and keeping your blood sugar in check can help you keep a check on your mood swings and also helps enhance mood during pregnancy. Focus on eating lean protein and eating complex carbs. Try minimizing intake of dietary sugar or caffeine as it can cause your blood sugar to crash, bringing your mood down with it

Talking About Feelings Can Reduce Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Talking is almost easiest solution to relax during your mood swings during pregnancy. Mom and Dads Talk It Out! Say what you are feeling (without hurting each other’s feelings). Talk about your fears, concerns. Make it a daily ritual to communicate with each other daily. Talk to other soon to be moms and dads or new moms and dads, no one gets it better than them.


When you notice mood swings during your pregnancy journey, Get up, Move around, Take a walk or Workout! All the movement or exercise will not essentially stop your mood swings, but the endorphins released during the exercise or workout during pregnancy will boost your mood.

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Prepare for the baby

Try shopping for your baby. Decide on things you want to do for your baby. Select furnishings, dresses, cribs and other baby products. In India we generally don’t shop before the baby is born. It is ok to go Window shopping!! Prepare your house for the baby. Getting in this baby prep spirits might help enhance your mood during pregnancy. Something fun that helps handle mood swings during pregnancy. Dad can do this as well. Think about what you want to do for the baby. 

Say ‘No’ to Alcohol

Pregnant moms are advised not to drink alcohol during pregnancy. Dads too should not be consuming alcohol as it can cause more mood swings later.  Though alcohol can boost your mood temporarily, the morning afters will turn to be horrible. Drinking can turn into a coping mechanism, whereas you should be trying to cope with your feelings in a better way. 

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Learn the art of relaxation

Pregnancy is both stressful for mom and dad. Moms go through a lot physically and the pregnancy hormones plays a role in increasing mental stress too (unknowingly). But Dad’s can be stressed due to many responsibilities that they have and that they will need to handle in future about the baby’s future, mother’s care etc.

Stress is most natural during pregnancy, but you should try to relieve the stress so you can handle the mood swings during pregnancy better. Find ways that can help you relax e.g. listening to music, meditating, walking, watching something etc. You can do a joint activity with your partner so both of you can relax together and things can lead to something!!

Make Love

If you feel like making love with your partner, sex can turn that sad little frown into a huge smile by releasing all the happy hormones. Sex brings both mom and dad closer at a time when your relationship may face new challenges. If you do not feel like having sex or you have been asked not to by your doctor(rarely happens) , you can do logs of other things like cuddling, snuggling, holding hand etc. Any skin to skin contact will boost your mood during pregnancy. 

Get more Sunshine

Sunlight has been said to improve your mood. There are research that shows sunlight can lighten and enhance your mood (specially during pregnancy). So make sure you get a lot of sunlight into your house and also try to take a walk in sunlight. Do not forget to wear your sunscreen. 

Get as much Rest as possible

Fatigue can exaggerate your mood swings during pregnancy. So you need to remember to take ample amount of rest. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Dear Dad you need the rest too, once your baby is born you won’t get a lot of time to rest. So rest as much as you need and it will help enhance your mood during pregnancy.

Special Tips for Mothers on (How to Handle Dad’s Mood Swings During Pregnancy)

The most affected by your mood swings during pregnancy is your partner. He will try to understand it, try to empathize it but they are not going through it like you so you need to help them understand. It will help him  to understand why you are acting so emotional these days. Be specific. Your partner is not a mind reader.

  • Show him how he can help you.
  • Tell him what you need.
  • Talk to him about things you don’t like anymore. (For example, his perfume you like before, makes you pukish now. So tell him not to use it anymore.)
  • Let him know what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse. (For example, if you want him to massage your foot , tell him it makes you feel better and sleep better.)

Special Tips for Fathers on (How to Handle Mother’s Mood Swings During Pregnancy)

Mood swings of pregnant mom  are very pronounced during the first trimester. It subsides with the second and third trimesters as her body gets adjusted to the pregnancy hormones. It does not vanish completely.  You can still expect an emotional roller coaster throughout the remaining pregnancy. Your partner will continue to have emotional ups and downs until delivery and beyond that. Here’s what can you do to help her throughout the mood swings during pregnancy.

  • Be patient with her. 
  • Don’t take anything personally or hold it against her. Remember it’s the hormones talking. She is powerless against her moods.
  • Help her reduce the mood swings using above tips. Help her relax through the journey.
  • Make an extra effort for her and the baby. Remember a happy mom means a happy baby!
  • Motivate her and treat her with extra love and care.

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