The Best Pregnancy Music For Unborn Babies

Music is a great source of entertainment. Also music has been increasingly used for its therapeutic properties as well. Music helps everyone relax. It can be used as a tool for relaxation in anyone. Similarly music for unborn baby has a very calming effect on the baby. A foetus can start hearing from week 16. Around 24 weeks the foetus hearing capacity is developed completely. Babies even tend to make movements at a familiar sound. An unborn baby starts learning right from when he develops hearing capability. By learning it means the baby is familiarizing himself or herself with something. There are studies which show that babies who have been exposed to music right from the womb are great at learning and might have improved IQ. This can be because listening to music increases brain activity. Music can also be used for its healing power. 

The music has soothing effects on a mother as well. If a mother has higher stress levels, it can have negative effects on the baby. The music has a calming effect on the mother. Therefore, the calmness spreads through the baby too. The unborn baby can listen to the mother’s heartbeat and understand her emotions as well. A mother in distress can cause the baby to be distressed too. Most importantly, exposing baby to the music from the beginning  will lay a foundation of musical education. 

Post 36 Pregnancy Music - Music For Unborn Baby

Types of music unborn baby may enjoy 

Mom and Dad’s Voice is the best music for unborn baby

It is best if mom and dad sing for your baby. An unborn baby loves his or her mother’s and father’s voice. No matter what you sing , your voice is their favourite music. You can sing lullabies, poems, rhymes and stories as well. Try to sing in as many languages you know. This establishes a foundation for language as well. Singing or listening to classical music is extremely beneficial. 

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Music with fast beats and rhythms

A music with lots of beats stimulates the baby to move. The baby may even move his hands and legs in rhythm with the music. Instruments like the tabla or rock and roll music at rare occasions can be a good stimulation. Mothers can dance with the music (slowly and carefully). Sometimes if you pay attention you will feel your baby moving too. I think the baby might be dancing with you. 

Instrumental music

Instrumental music is preferred music for an unborn baby. The instruments like guitar, violin, sitar, table etc have different vibrations resonating from it. An unborn baby feels instrumental music through these vibrations. 

Music for unborn baby needs to be with Slow rhythm 

There are studies which show that Mozart’s music is the best for the baby. Slow rhythm music helps baby stay calm and relaxed. You can use this same music to calm a cranky baby.  Moreover, babies exposed to slow rhythm music tend to be good sleepers. 

Variations in tunes and rhythms

In the last few months of the pregnancy, your unborn baby will start responding differently to different music. Your little one might prefer a music or your voice most of the time. If you switch from his or her favourite music to some other music, baby might move showing he understands the change in the music.

My son used to kick and move around when I used to listen to “Hanuman Chalisa”.  Another favourite song of his is “Ye Raatein Ye Mausam”. Moreover, till date he sleeps within minutes when I sing that song for him. 

Meditative Music of Nature

Sounds of nature is soothing for each and every being. Our body is made up of elements of mother nature. For example, while meditating nature sounds calm you better than any other music. Nature’s music is the best music to help you calm and envision each element in your mind. It will have similar effects on the baby and help you set the basics for the meditation right from the beginning of your little one’s life. 

Shlokas and Mantras (Best Indian Music for Unborn Baby)

In India you will find a lot of shlokas and mantras which are extremely beneficial for the baby. These shlokas have deep meaning and roots in ancient vedas and ancient texts. These indian music can empower the foetus and the mother spiritually. I think most indian moms would back me up on this. 

A few indian music you can listen to are :

Garbha Sanskar By Balaji Tambe (This comes as a CD or Book, it has shlokas and mantras as well as details about the complete journey of motherhood and delivery).

Vishnu Sahasranamam 

Hanuman Chaalisa

Raag Yaman

Garbha Samvardhini Nada

There are the ones I used to listen to and suggestions of few mothers around me.

A few western music you can listen to are (Best from Youtube) :

Mozart’s For Babies

Chopin Pregnancy Music

Beethoven Pregnancy Music

If you want to focus on the science behind why music is good for unborn babies, there are no exact researches that prove that music is directly related to brain development in foetus. Alternatively, listening to music keeps the mom and the baby healthy and happy, it calms and relaxes them. This calmness and relaxed state nurtures the most brain development in babies. Happy and relaxed moms have happy babies. 

Above all, care tips while listening to music with unborn baby are:

  • Loud music is harmful for the baby. (Normal conversation voice is the best)
  • No headphones on the belly. (Sound travels through the amniotic fluid)
  • While using earphones keep the volume at safe limit. 

In conclusion, it is important to listen to your favourite music in pregnancy. Be sure that your baby is enjoying and growing too. Please do not stress on listening the perfect music all the time. Sometimes some music that soothes you will soothe your baby too. 

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  1. Aboli

    listening to music during pregnancy did help me and my baby alot, both of us enjoyed listening to hanuman chalisa and also aaigiri nandni. It also heloed my baby develope love for music.

    1. ramyabarithaya14

      Thats great. 🙂

  2. Rashmi

    Music has always been a tool for me to relax and would always lift my mood. During pregnancy I would listen to Vishnu sahasranama in the mornings and dance/fast numbers later on. And I noticed that my princess was very responsive to the dance numbers.

    1. ramyabarithaya14

      Thats amazing!!

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