30 Important Questions To Ask Your Kids Before Bedtime

A bedtime routine is one of the best ways to nurture your child’s communication and development. Moreover, it is an amazing way of instilling healthy habits in your kid. Bedtime communication is the most beautiful part of my day. I wait for this part of the day where my little one opens up to me. I always have a list of questions to ask kids ready before bedtime based on how the day went. He tells me his fears, his happiness. Consequently, asking the right questions to your kids can give you beautiful insights into what is going on with your child.

Bedtime communication is a crucial aspect of growth in children between 0-5 years. In the initial days, you sing lullabies and songs to your child. This also plays a huge role in your child’s development. Consequently, as the child grows you can start having small conversations. Slowly introducing relevant questions helps your child understand his own day and emotions around it. This everyday interaction with the parents will amazingly improve the parent-child connection and child’s communication. Firstly, What are these Questions to Ask Your Kids to have a great conversation?  

Questions to ask kids during bedtime

Questions to Ask Kids to Improve Bedtime Communication

  • How was your day? 
  • Tell me one thing from your day that makes you feel grateful
  • Did something make you happy today?
  • Is there anything about your day that you could not do or would like to better
  • Did you help anyone today? 
  • Did anybody praise you for something?
  • How were your friends with you today?
  • Does anything make you sad? Or  What makes you sad?

“The Question is the Primary Form Of Communication For Little Kids” – Jim Gaffigan

  • Would you like to tell me a story or ask me any questions?
  • Was there anything you did not understand today? More importantly, would you like my help in understanding it?
  • Did you make any new friends today? 
  • What was your favorite part of the day?
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  • Did you learn something new today?
  • What makes you scared or is there anything you are afraid of?
  • Did you face any new challenges today?
  • Did you show someone that you care about them today?
  • Do you need a hug or special cuddle time today?
Bedtime communication - Questions To Ask Your Child During Bedtime
  • Did you have a hard day today? Would you like an extra story?
  • Would you like to talk about any conflicts with your friends? Moreover, would you like to discuss it with me?
  • Can you tell me 5 things you are thankful for throughout your day?
  • Did you show some love or kindness towards anyone today? OR Was anybody kind or loving to you today?
  • Would you like to share 5 things in your day that makes you really happy?
  • Would you like to do something special this weekend?
  • Is there anything that Mummy and Daddy can do a little differently for you?
  • Did you read a book today? Did you learn any new words?
  • How did it go today playing with your siblings? More importantly, is there anything you would like to share with me?
  • Are your siblings being kind and caring towards you?
  • Is there anything special that Mummy does that makes you extremely happy?
  • Firstly, would you like to change something about your day? Secondly, what would you like to change?

Each parent knows their child better. Hence, it is a great idea to alter the questions to ask your child according to your child’s day. Answers will be different for every child. However, the effect of asking these questions can be beautiful in each and every child. Moreover, You can follow these questions after nighttime routines like bath, massage, or cuddle.

One thing you need to look for is your child’s receptiveness. More importantly, his interest in reflecting on his day is very important. Some children may not show interest in the beginning. Keep the questions simple. Firstly, as it becomes a daily ritual to look back on our day and share each other’s experiences, slowly introduce more deep questions. Lastly, the amazing benefits of this regular bedtime communication include reducing stress, modeling healthy behaviors, developing emotional intelligence, early development of self-care habits, language development, and improving a child’s communication skills. 

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