10 Brilliant Tips For A Successful Breastfeeding Session

Many a times breastfeeding sessions tend to be rushed, hectic and we end up with crying babies. For a baby to be calm and happy, his or her tummy needs to be filled. This happens only with a successful breastfeeding session. There are a few things you can try to help make this breastfeeding journey simpler and easier. 

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Tips For A Successful Breastfeeding Session

Look for the hunger cues

It is best to tune in to your baby’s needs before he gets super hungry and starts crying. It is difficult to calm a hungry and agitated baby (deadly combination ;P) . So to have a successful breastfeeding session keep a watch for your baby’s hunger cues like suckling action, hands in the mouth and looking for breasts etc. As soon as you see that the baby is hungry it is a best idea to start feeding your baby, consequently having a happy and relaxed baby. 

Maintain the hygiene

Before you start a breastfeeding session, please wash your hands with soap and water. You will be helping the baby latch onto your breasts. You will be using your fingers to break the latch at the end of the breastfeeding session. Hence, it is important to maintain this hygiene during breastfeeding. This helps you avoid any kind of infection to you or the baby. Babies are prone to infection until they develop a fully working immune system. 

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Minimum Distractions

While both of you are learning how to have a successful breastfeeding session, it is a good idea to keep the distractions minimum. A ringing phone, continuous notifications or any other distraction like TV can distract you as well as the baby. You need to focus on the feeding and loving your baby during the feed.

Calm the baby (if crying)

For a successful breastfeeding session, the baby needs to feed !! A crying baby will not be able to settle down enough to feed properly. It can also be difficult for digestion and lead to gas problems. Try to calm your little one before the feeding session. Sing to him or her; little rocking, anything that helps your baby calm down. Mama knows the best!! 

Take burping breaks to have longer and successful breastfeeding sessions

Burping is important as it releases gas in the little ones tummy. We generally tend to burp the baby after every feeding session. Yes this is important; But it is also a good idea to burp the baby in the middle of a breastfeeding session or if the baby looks fussy; It can be the air filling the baby’s tummy and not milk. If baby is fussy short time into the feeding, try burping the baby and then you can get back to feeding. 


While you are breastfeeding, cuddle the baby with your hands, sing and talk to her and look at the baby with love in your eyes. It is the best one on one time for your to meet baby’s nourishment and requirement for love and attention as well. 

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Be comfortable for a Successful Breastfeeding session

As a new mom you are prone to pains and aches. So for you to have a successful breastfeeding session, you need to find a place and position where you can relax and be comfortable. Make sure you support your neck, back and arm with extra pillows. 

Try to wake up the sleepy baby

Some babies sleep at meal times. (My little one would doze of the moment he started breastfeeding 🙂 Always!!). I would search and search for ways to keep him awake. If your little one’s a meal time sleeping baby, try to remove the clothing (if the weather is not too cold), this might help him awaken. Ticking the baby under the feet tends to help awaken the baby at times. Talking to the baby, massaging the baby, changing the diaper, burping etc. See what suits your baby and be ready with techniques to wake up your sleepyhead.

Change the diaper if necessary

Clean diaper will help keep the baby calm. Try changing the baby’s nappy before a breastfeeding session. This will help awaken the baby and keep him alert.  I would keep my little one diaper free (lightly rolled in his towel) during the breastfeeding session, this helped me keep him awake. If your baby tends to sleep during the feeding session, changing the diaper in between , might help him stay awake until he fills his tummy. 

For a Successful Breastfeeding session you need to relax

Relax and enjoy your breastfeeding session instead of worrying or wondering whether your baby is having enough, are you producing enough, is the baby properly latched. You will understand all these things(better everyday) by looking at your baby and tuning in on his behaviour. But for a good letdown and flow during breastfeeding, moms need to relax and calm down. So the best tip I have to offer to all the moms out there is “Relax” for a successful breastfeeding session.  

These are simple tips that might help you have a baby with a satisfied tummy after every breastfeed.  Happy babies are the ones with filled tummy!! Successful breastfeeding session right from the beginning helps you continue breastfeeding for as long as your baby needs without diminishing your milk supply (which happens if baby is not feeding properly). 

Hope these tips help you! Please share your special tips in the comments section below (if any). It might help other moms around the world. 

Please do share our article with other parents you know!! Lets help all the parents have a happy time “Parenting”. 🙂

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  1. Rashmi

    Nice article Ramya. I have a query though. You have not mentioned how much breastfeeding time is ideal. My little one feeds for 5-7 minutes, even if I force feed after that she doesn’t take much. Any suggestions?

    1. ramyabarithaya14

      In the beginning few months it is a good idea to try to keep her awake and feed her for until her tummy is full, but later on you can let her take lead and feed as much as she needs. She might feed again when she is hungry. Just keep noticing her for hunger cues like rooting or sucking her fingers etc. Feed as she needs for a few weeks and then soon she might start feeding for more than 10-15 minutes each breast depending on her hunger.

      1. Rashmi

        Great thank you.

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